Monthly Marketing Report

Download our free monthly marketing report template

A template to define and report your monthly marketing activities

We have created this free template to help you define your marketing activities for any given month and then report on their performance at the end of the month. The template details the following items:

  • The task itself
  • Who is responsible for performing the task
  • When the task is to be completed by
  • What outcomes you expect to produce
  • The actual outcomes that you produced
  • A rating of the tactics performance
  • Improvements for future use of the tactic

The template is split into two parts:

  1. Marketing goals – print off one for each tactic that you plan to use for the month. This can be used to improve the quality and accountability of each tactic.
  2. Monthly performance report – at the end of the month, report on the success of your marketing through this template.

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