Be Found on Google

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of attracting more visitors to your site through being displayed at the top of search results (something that you can actually control). Engage Marketing’s SEO will make it dramatically easier to be found on the Internet, resulting in more brand visibility and increased sales.

5 Reasons that you need to be on Google

  1. Each visitor is looking directly for your product or service
  2. 85% of users say that search engines are their primary method for finding websites
  3. Search engines work for you around the clock
  4. 33% of users believe companies found in the top search results are a major brand in their category.
  5. More potential clients = more sales

What we do

Much of the work in performing SEO is analysing user habits in your market. Being found on Google™ involves keyword research, competitive analysis, website structure optimisation and in most cases, small content changes.

We have a proven record on being found in search engines, having taken companies from as low as Page7 in search results to the very top of page1. A past and present client, Project Performance International, came to us asking, ‘How do I get found on Google?’ They are now in the top position (globally) for fourteen out of the top eighteen desired keywords. We can get you found on Search Engines with our best practice Search Engine Optimisation.

Be Found on Google FAQ

How long does search engine optimisation take?

Usually your site will be done within 2 weeks. You receive the benefits of being ranked at the top typically within the first month as Google notices the updates in the site. Being found in Google is one of the cheapest ways to obtain more exposure and is perfect for any small business.

Will it only effect the Google™ Search Engine?

No, that’s a bit of our own SEO work there. Over 99% of searches from businesses such as yours are targeted towards Google over other search engines. We reach more people targeting our SEO as such. Our SEO will provide you with more visitors from a wide range of Search Engines, including NineMSN, Yahoo and Bing.

SEO Agencies typically charge thousands of dollars plus ongoing costs. How come you are so much cheaper?

  • They spend a lot of time and effort on link building
  • We concentrate on the dozens and dozens of things that we can do within your website
  • With income from other areas of our business, we don’t need to overcharge on SEO.